Teacher Rule (Draft)   教师守则( 暂定) 

  1. 坚持出勤,按时上下课。因故缺勤必须事先报教务长批准。 
  2. 按照学校的教学要求进行教学,具体包括统一教材,统一进度,坚持以中文讲课等。 
  3. 每学期开学前订出该学期的教学计划,注明教学内容,进度,测验和考试的时间及评分标准等,呈送一份至教务长处存档。 
  4. 认真备课,教学要有目的性,系统性。每学期末要将该学期的教案呈送一份至教务长处存档。 
  5. 认真上课,认真布置课后作业,认真批改作业和考试试卷。应登记作业和考试的成绩,并在每学期末将该学期的作业,考卷,成绩呈送教务长处存档。 
  6. 严格要求学生,加强教学管理,每周要进行开堂小测验, 检测上周的学习效果。 
  7. 加强与学生家长的联系,认真准备和参与家长会,争取家长对教学工作的配合。 
  8. 积极参加学校和教学小组的会议和活动,协助学校开展各项工作。 
  9. 及时向教务长反映与教学有关的问题。 
  10. 协助任课班级现有学生的注册工作。新生和插班生则必须持有校方的批准才可进入你任课班级听课。辞职必须提前向教务长提出,并及时做好交接工作。

Rules for Students

  1. All students are required to be in class on time. A written note or verbal notification by the parent/guardian is required for any absence, late arrival or early leaving of the student. 
  2. Students should respect the teacher and class rules, sit up attentively at his/her seat in the assigned classroom when class is going on, and obtain the teacher’s permission before leaving the classroom during class when necessary.
  3. The class will be dismissed only after the teacher has announced it to the class. Students should know that the teacher will handle any student misconduct regarding common problems. However, some cases will be brought to the school Administrative Committee, and might result in a parent-teacher or parent-school conference to resolve the issue. In a serious case, suspension or exclusion from school may be needed and applied. 
  4. Students are required to complete all homework in a timely manner, and participate in the tests and exams arranged by the teacher and/or school. All the work missed while the student is absent from school must be made up. 
  5. It is prohibited for students to use, remove, or replace any school property or teacher’s personal belongings, including but not limited to computers, teaching materials, books, photos, etc. And full restitution by the parent/guardian is required for all damage done to school property by their child.  
  6. It is forbidden to enter an unoccupied classroom or go through any emergency entrance/exit without the school’s permission except during emergency. 
  7. Students are required to help maintain the cleanness of the classrooms, hallways, and any other spaces we might use in the school. Any vandalism to the school property is strictly prohibited, and the violator will be subject to fines. 
  8. Do not touch the fire alarm trigger or call 911 if there is not any emergency. The parents will pay the fine for 911 or fire truck service their child has caused. 
  9. Students are responsible for their personal belongings, and the School is not responsible for any loss and damage of such personal items. 
  10. Constructive suggestions or recommendations to teachers and the school are always welcome. 
  11. All students are expected to dress appropriately at all times in school.
  12. Students shall comply with all lawful directions of Principals, teachers, substitute teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers, and other school personnel who are authorized to give such directions. 
  13. Students shall not assault, hit, kick, punch, fight, intentionally harm or threaten to harm another person.


Rules for Parents

  1. Winston-Salem Chinese School is owned by all registered families and operated by volunteer parents. It is governed by the school Board, Administrative Committee and PTA. Parent’s support & cooperation is vital to the success of our school.
  2. All parents should closely observe their child’s progress, positively stimulate them when it comes to learning Chinese. Keep active and close contact with their teachers.
  3. Parents are required to encourage and assist their children to follow the school policies, rules and regulations and be role models for their children by following all the policies, rules and regulations. It’s prohibited to shout, fight or quarrel on the school property.
  4. Parents should respect for the class arrangements, and any disagreement or concern should be brought to the Administrative Committee directly.
  5. Parents should not sit in the classroom without the teacher’s permission, except they are class parents. 
  6. Parents are required to be considerate and avoid any behaviors inside or outside of the classroom that may interrupt the class.
  7. All the parents should be clear about their children’s homework assignments, the teacher’s special request and any school announcement that their children have brought home, and make sure that their children have completed all assignments on time.
  8. Classroom cleaning will be taken care of by volunteer parents, duties such as supervising entrance & hallways, keeping the whole property quiet during class, and supporting various school activities will be done by parents on duty.
  9. Parents should report to PTA or school staff immediately if an injury occurs..
  10. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in school meetings, seminars and open house, and provide any constructive suggestions or recommendations to the Administrative Committee.
  11. Parents should have respect to the properties of the school or teachers, and should be responsible for any damages to those properties caused by them or their children. 
  12. Parents are required to observe the parking rules and regulations when they need to park around the school property. 
  13. Parents are required to check the e-mails or visit the school’s website for the latest school announcement before they come to school on Saturday.